Friday, November 06, 2009

What To Do On A Cold and Nasty Day

Okay, here's the scenario.
It's a cold and nasty day outside. You're off from work and spending the day at home...alone. Working on your Work In Progress isn't an option. So what do you do? (Oh, and we're going to keep this PG rated. )

Here is my list of top ten things to do on a nasty day:

1. A TV Marathon. Watching an entire season of Mad Men, True Blood, Castle, The Soprano's or Family Guy until the characters are coming out my ears! My other option here would be a Movie Marathon with the entire Lord of the Rings series or all the Lethal Weapon movies. Oh my gosh, I could follow that up with the Die Hards or Terminators! Or maybe a Chick Flick Fiesta would be a good choice!

2. Sorting through my TBR (To Be Read) shelf. It's embarrassing but I easily have over 5000 books and let's face it. I'm never going to read all of them. Perhaps this would be a good opportunity to pass a few along. (If you've been on my shelf and I haven't read you in 10 years, maybe we could find a better home for you.) WARNING: It's dangerous to thumb through any Keeper Books. That could put a quick end to "Sorting through the TBR shelf" and head straight into the next option...

3. Curling up with a good book. Nothing like meeting a to-die-for hero and watching as he and the heroine overcome their internal and external conflicts, make it past the Black Moment and arrive safely, if somewhat battered, at the HEA!

4.  Playing with the Wii, the X Box or whatever it is that I can't ever play with because everyone else in the family monopolizes it.

5. Shopping on the internet. Notice I didn't say "Buying on the internet". There is some really really odd stuff for sale out there and it's not all on the X-rated sites. (This can be done between games of Sipder Solitaire.)

6. Organizing my coupons. I religiously clip out coupons from the flyers that come with the Sunday newspaper. I toss them in a bin on the counter and leave them there until they expire. Perhaps this isn't the best use for them...

7. Figuring out how to work all the options and apps on my phone. I just got an iPhone and I will be 113 by the time I figure out how to work everything. (Somehow, I keep taking pictures of my floor.)

8. Doing a jigsaw puzzle. They really are fun. I'm exceptionally good at the ones with cardboard backing for ages 3 to 5. Speaking of puzzles, my all time favorites are the Sudoku number puzzles. I feel so clever when I solve one!

9. Turning off the phone, Turning on the wind machine and taking a nap. Naps are one of the incredibly under-rated joys of life and they just make everything better.

10. One day, I might try taking the laundry off the treadmill where it's been hanging for the last three years and give that machine a try. There really was another reason besides clothes storage that I bought it.

You'll notice I haven't included any of that clean out the linen closet/refrigerator/garage/attic stuff. The day is dreary and nasty already. Why make it worse?