Friday, April 23, 2010

Almost Home

Day 28 of my sojourn up the East coast and almost the last day. I head out on Sunday and plan to be in the land of milk and honey - or rather gators and oranges - on Monday. This trip has been a fantastic event of researching sites (and sights) for future books. As of today I satisfied the last item on my ‘to do’ list with visiting a cemetery with my mom. (Yeah, I'm working on another Lite Paranormal) Now, I’ve been to several cemeteries during my visit - there is a fascinating one near Ocean City NJ with early 18th century graves and another one that overlooks a highway and the new “Stop and Shop” - and they had a sense of contentment and caring (based on the items left near the headstones) about them. But the one I visited today was one of the creepiest I‘ve ever been to. Obviously, I didn’t say a word to Mom. We were there to visit my grandparents and several of her friends. She was the first to mention how spooky and cold it was.

Row after row after row of headstones all the same height, a few different shapes, as far as you could see; few flowers and very impersonal, or so it seemed to us. Now, I’ve been to Arlington National Cemetery many times where every headstone is laid out in rows but it’s very peaceful and I’ve never been creeped out there. Both Mother and I didn’t want to be anywhere near this place after dark. (Her words not mine.)

Well this little odyssey of a month on the road to renew my Jersey roots has been fantastic but I’m now looking forward to returning to the Sunshine State and putting what I found into some new stories. I discovered a lot and can’t wait to weave some magic around it.

Sometimes getting away has a way of bringing you back home again.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

On the Road Again

Day 19 of my journey up the East Coast. Today I thought I’d share some pictures of one of my favorite places in the world: The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City - The Met. I’ve been here dozens of times but I still get a thrill climbing the front stairs in anticipation. (And there are lots of stairs!)

And then, the minute I step through to the first gallery, I’m lost…literally. I can’t follow a map for anything. No matter how many times I ask directions, I don’t really listen. I hear part of what the guards are saying then think “Yeah, I know where that is” and I just don’t listen anymore. And so, of course I’m lost again after I make the first turn. But it really doesn’t matter. There’s always something wonderful and fascinating no matter where I am.

And so I spend the day aimlessly wandering and discovering until my feet need a beer and it’s time to leave. But before I do, I always head to my favorite gallery on the second floor to visit my three favorite paintings, which oddly enough are side by side by side. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Somehow, someway, they're going to land in a future story.

Springtime by Pierre-Auguste Cot

The Storm also by Pierre-Auguste Cot

Joan of Arc by Jules Bastien-Lepage

I will spend close to an hour staring and studying these marvelous works. There is just something in each of them that calls to me and I can’t look away.

That is, until my feet really become insistent about needing that beer. Last week, we headed to a great place on First and 86th called East End Bar and Grill. It took a few beers but my feet finally stopped shouting at me.

Have a great day!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Making A Commitment

Once again I’m on the road. This time in New Jersey, enjoying the beautiful Spring weather – actually, I’m freezing my behiney off – and visiting friends and family. Today I’m hitting Atlantic City.

The other night, I was watching TV with my sister and we began to list shows we watch on a semi-regular basis. I say semi-regular because I really can’t commit to being in front of a TV at the same time on the same day every week. It’s just too much pressure. Anyway here’s the list of TV shows I came up with.

The Big Bang Theory – What’s not to love about four guys who are the perfect stereotypes of the major geek groups? I went out with all of them in high school. (Yes, I even dated a Sheldon)

Two and A Half Men – Even though John Cryer is TSTL (Too Stupid To Live) on the show, I can’t help but root for him and hope that this time he gets the girl.

NCIS – Mark Harmon. Wow. Oh, and, regrettably if I were ever to meet the Tony DiNozzo character, I would feel obligated to stuff him down the nearest sewer for what he has done to poor Timmy McGee.

Jeopardy – I love playing but it’s become painfully obvious, I’m not Ken Jennings.

Castle – Hey, he’s hot, he’s witty and by his own admission, he is “ruggedly handsome” and best of all, he’s a writer!

Like I said, I can’t commit to watching a show every week. Can anybody? I mean, is there anyone who has seen every episode of 24 – in order? Or how about LOST? Has anyone seen every episode for six years?
Rick Castle...Yes, definitely “ruggedly handsome.”