Friday, March 12, 2010

Do you have a ‘Bucket List’?
I had such fun writing this blog for the Loose Id Authors Coffeetime Romance Retreat, I thought I'd recycle it here!

I’m asking this because I found mine while cleaning out the garage. (See the post on archeological digs.) Of course, when I wrote it, I called it Aims and Goals but since the movie everyone seems to know it as a Bucket List. Mine was written somewhere around my senior year in high school. I haven’t seen it for a long time, but I felt good that a lot of things were checked off.

What I found interesting was not what I had or had not accomplished (although I was able to update it with several things I’d done since I’d last seen it) The thing I really found interesting was what I considered noteworthy to spend my time and energy on in my future.

Yes, I did go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade (Boy, talk about a crowd of people!)

Yes, I have been to the Grand Canyon. (Indescribable)

No, I’ve never made it to Mardi Gras.

Yes, I have read War and Peace. (Loooong but so worth it)

No, I’ve never made it to the Olympic Games

No, I’ve never been in Times Square on New Year’s Eve (And that’s probably a good thing)

Some of the items were a bit surprising. "To go camping in Canada." Now, I’ve been to Canada several times and loved every minute of it, but camping??? Like in a tent and sleeping on the ground??? I don’t think so. I love nature but at night I need a hotel with cable and a hot shower.

I’m thinking that it’s probably time to revise my list. Update it with things that mean more to me now, but ya know…I still want to see the Hoover Dam.
Anyone Else Doing An Archeological Dig?

I had such fun writing this blog for the Loose Id Authors Coffeetime Romance Retreat, I thought I'd recycle it here!

Last weekend we finally did it!
It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.
In fact, it was downright fun.
It was so much fun, my husband and I are actually going to do it again!

Oh you silly! Not that!
We had a garage sale!

We had a wonderful time meeting people, complaining about the weather and handing off our discards to folks who thought they were treasures.

We actually got rid of enough stuff that we can get to the other side of the garage to the stuff we really want to get rid of. (Hence the thought about doing it again.)

We haven’t moved in a thousand years and things just piled up and piled up but they weren’t in the way so we had no incentive to do anything about it. Until my son moved back home after college…

It was hysterical some of the things we were saving. My husband had over 500 golf balls. (He’s not the greatest golfer in the world but he’s not THAT bad that he needs 500 gold balls.) I found my wedding album – from my first marriage. Somehow, I figure if I’ve been married for two decades to my second husband, I probably don’t need the pictures from the first. Right?

I found a tour guide pamphlet for Universal Studios in California. An adult admission price? $7.25! Children were $5.25! Today’s price? $69.00. I think I may hold onto this.

I have no idea why I'm saving most of this stuff. Somewhere along the line it must have been important to me but now, I think the only ones who might be remotely interested in it are archeologists looking to explore the last few decades in Surburbia.