Saturday, November 13, 2010

Paradise Is Now Available Through Amazon Kindle
 and B&N Nook

Independent, career woman Roberta Miller wins a dream vacation – only it’s closer to a Jurassic Park nightmare: a camping trip, canoeing through the Okefenokee Swamp, dodging snapping alligators, mosquitoes the size of elephants and – “What do you mean there are no restrooms!”

Bad boy, Eddie McGraw chucked his successful Wall St. career to run the family camping business in his favorite place on earth. He’s through with races only the rats win and women obsessed with careers and designer shoes. He’s set his sights on settling down with a good old country girl, one who shares his passion for the simple life, that is, until he meets a very intriguing camper.

As I mentioned on my website, this story was previously published in 2006 but, never had a chance. After carefully researching which publishers to submit it to, it turns out I had not chosen wisely. The publisher declared bankruptcy, closed its doors, website and email and left its authors hanging. ::sigh::

Fortunately, we all eventually got our rights back but Robbie and Eddie were a bit shell-shocked by the whole experience and have spent the last few years hiding under my bed.

I figure they’ve had enough time to recover and have pushed them off in their canoe into the Okefenokee Swamp again. Bugs, gators, and things that go bump in the night all await these adventurous campers. If they happen to fall in love along the way, well, there are other things to do in a swamp besides listen to tree frogs.

I hope you enjoy their adventure!

173 pages

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Saturday, November 06, 2010

My Top Ten Excuses for Not Writing Today

He has nothing to do with the topic, but sometimes I like to open my blogs with a hot guy. For my money, Jason Taylor is seriously hot.

:: sigh:: Back on task…

Excuses seem to be a big topic on a lot of loops recently so I thought I’d chime in with mine. Here we go…

1. The sun’s in my eyes.
2. My shoes are too tight.
3. I just washed my hair.

Oh…Wait…Those are my excuses for not exercising. My bad…
Hmm… excuses for not writing…Oh yeah.

10. I have to take down my jack-o’-lanterns and put up my pilgrims. Gosh, I’m already a week late.

9. There’s a sale on my favorite wine at the local shop and I have to get there before the only other two people in this city who like it buy up the entire stock.

8. Christmas shopping! OMG! It’s the 6th of November and I haven’t finished my Christmas shopping yet!

7. I have to clean my house. Nayh, let’s not get ridiculous.

6. The cats are fighting. I need to break it up. (Regrettably, this really is an all day job.)

5. I need to figure out what’s for dinner. Italian…Chinese…Mexican… So many take out menus so little time.

4. I have to do the Sudoku in today’s newspaper. Really, for me, a day without Sudoku is a day closer to Old Timer’s Disease.

3. Wisconsin is at Perdue and Minnesota is at Michigan State. I can’t possibly miss those. (That’s college football for those of you not addicted to the game.)

2. I sprained my wrist (No, really, I did last Wednesday. I am such a bobo-head.)

1. Oh, my Number One excuse for not writing today…I wrote this blog instead!