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Years ago, Jennifer Gilbert rejected Sean O’Connell because she could no longer tolerate the ménage relationship with him and another woman. She wanted Sean all to herself.

Now the tables have turned. When Sean finds Jennifer again in “Finding Jen,” the first book in the “Lost and Found” series, the only way he can have her is to share her with the other man she loves.

In “Finding Sean” the second book in the “Lost and Found’ Series, Sean’s tolerance of Rick, the other man, turns to interest, and then more. No one is more surprised than Sean. Now the love triangle is unraveling. Jennifer and Sean must search their hearts and decide once and for all what or who they are willing to give up for love.

I hope you enjoy the following excerpt:

“So who are you waiting for?” asked a squeaky voice directly behind Jennifer Gilbert.

Startled, Jen dropped the mail. “Oh, Mrs. Levitz, I didn’t hear you.”

Jen’s landlady reached up and shook her finger in Jen’s face. “You should pay more attention to your surroundings. I could have been a mugger or something even worse. You should never let your guard down. It’s not safe.”

Jen nodded and bent to pick up the mail, knowing it was useless to disagree with anything the woman said. Mrs. Levitz had an annoying habit of sneaking up on people and listening to their conversations, then dispensing unwanted advice. But Jen loved the old brownstone where she lived, and if Mrs. Levitz’s advice was the price she had to pay to stay here then she’d gladly put up with it.

She, Sean, and Rick rented the three apartments on the third floor although they spent most of their time in Jen’s. It was easier than trying to explain to Mrs. Levitz why all of them were living together. Besides, they needed the space. As far as Jen could tell, they’d kept their arrangement secret from the nosy woman. The less she knew the better.

“So you’re going out to dinner with the dark one. Do you think you can change him?” Even though Sean and Rick had been tenants for over six months, the landlady persisted in referring to them as “the dark one” and “the light one” as if they were some sort of superhero duo.

Jen shoved the mail into her portfolio handbag and stood. “Change him?” What on earth was she babbling about?

“You know, change him. Make him like girls.” Mrs. Levitz gave Jen a conspiratorial wink. “I noticed his boyfriend, the light one, he didn’t come back from vacation with him. Maybe they got tired of each other.”

“His boy -- are you saying Sean O’Connell and Rick Evans are gay?” Jen didn’t know whether to burst out laughing or blast her with some righteous indignation. She settled for innocent curiosity. Just what kind of gossip was the woman spreading?

“Well, you know they moved in at the same time, and I hear them talking on the stairs, their voices real low when they come and go. How come you didn’t spot it? You’re always going out with them. What do you think? Which one’s the girl?”

“Mrs. Levitz! That’s utterly ridiculous. I know for a fact they are both healthy, heterosexual men. No one’s the girl. How can you even think that?”

“Are ya sure? I mean, they both go out of town a lot, too. Do you think they go to a secret rendezvous place together?” Mrs. Levitz asked hopefully as if hating to give up the idea of two gay men as her tenants.

“I can assure you, Mrs. Levitz…” a frosty baritone voice said from the staircase “…I am not now…nor have I ever been…gay.”

Jen cringed at the icicles dripping from his words. Of all people for Mrs. Levitz to consider gay, homophobic Sean O’Connell should have been the last. Why, he even freaked out if Rick brushed against him while they were having a three-way. How much had he heard? Oh please, don’t let him have heard the part about being the girl.

Coming Soon – “Finding Rick, the third book in the “Lost and Found’ Series.

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